It's here! The Spring Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale will get you all ready for Summer with great deals. These are my favorite picks so get them before they are gone. The sale ends on May 31st.

I am absolutely drooling over these colorful heels , as well as, this mirror which is so chic for your bathroom!  

Happy Shopping!


black and gold browbar sunglasses, striped tee + trench
black and gold outfit ideas
celine black luggage tote, similar to celine tote, 7FAM skinny illusion bootcut jeans
black and gold browbar sunglasses
shilla top ℅ Le Tote | 7 fam bootcut jeans on SALE!| london fog trench coat | fantas eyes browbar sunglasses ℅ | zara strappy heels {old but similar here} | gazel lucente necklace ℅ Le Tote {also sold here} | gold chain necklace (old, unknown) | celine bag {similar to celine}

benefit lollibalm | tarte blush in 'dollface' | estee lauder double wear foundation

San Diego has been experiencing a much cooler Spring than this time last year and I absolutely love it since the Fall tends to still be so warm down here. This top is so soft and cozy and I loved throwing my trench over it for a casual but still put together look. I have really loved my Le Tote subscription and they recently made an awesome change to their program that allows you to customize your box. Check it out here. I get tired of my clothes so quickly and it's been awesome to have 5 new pieces sent to me whenever I want and I absolutely love the customization.

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WEEKEND NOTES... 7 Links You Should Click

spring flowers, weekend links to check out

Happy Friday!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite internet finds to launch you into the weekend. Coffee recommended!

  • I hopped on the podcast bandwagon way late, but here are 6 new ones that look great!
  • This horrific photo makes me cringe at going to the tanning bed in my teens (why was it not illegal?!). SPF30+ at all times! Fake don't bake... 
  • How do you know when you are ready to have a baby? Very interesting peek into how others made such a monumental decision. 

Have a great weekend! 


restoration hardware lined bedding
victorias secret mayfair pajamas
dove 48 hour deodorant review
white bedroom decor
dove 48 hour deodorant review
{acrylic tray// bedding// pjs// earrings c/o rocksbox}

My daily beauty routine includes showering, lotioning up, topical face medicine and moisturizer, and applying primer and makeup before doing my hair. I use lots of different products based on the needs of my skin but my beauty routine always includes Dove. I use Dove for softer skin and more importantly love that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.  I was recently asked to try the Dove 48 Hour Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant. After a couple weeks of using it I am completely hooked! 

I have never been fresher and dryer and at the same time moisturized. No razor bumps or irritation. I recently bought a new box of "clinical strength" deodorant from Target to restock my old brand and am now planning to return it. Dove 48 hours is that good. I have been applying it at night and it smells so light and fresh.  I really think I could go 48 hours with this but I like having soft skin so I use it everyday! 

I highly recommend you give Dove 48 hour a try . You can get it at any drug store and also at Walmart

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fantas-eyes browbar tortoise sunglasses
le tote french connection navy top, louboutin pigalle pumps
gorjana lariat necklace, french connection short sleeve top
jcrew denim, clare vivier leopard clutch, christian louboutin pigalle pumps
tortoise browbar sunglasses
tortoise browbar sunglasses

french connection top ℅ Le Tote {also sold here} | jcrew denim {old but similar here} | claire vivier clutch | fantas eyes browbar sunglasses ℅ | christian louboutin heels {budget friendly here, which I also own and love} | gorjana lariat necklace | gorjana bracelet ℅ | michael kors watch

mac "creme d'nude" listick + mac lip pencil in 'boldly bare' | tarte blush in 'dollface' | estee lauder double wear foundation

Wow! It's been awhile since I've done an outfit post, geez. I really wanted to share these super cute and amazingly affordable sunglasses that Fantas-Eyes sent over to me. The brand is sold through a variety of retailers including Nordstrom but you can also get them directly through

We are pretty settled into our new house now and I am enjoying life getting back to a more normal state. I can't wait to start sharing some projects with you. Thank you for stopping by!


top ten tips for property virgins, first time home buyers

I have only sparingly talked about home decor and interior design on King & Kind mostly because we were renting near the beach and our condo was pretty outdated. See posts from the condo here, here and here and yes, two of them are Christmas posts. I pretty much gave up trying despite lots of articles online encouraging me to "do more with my small space" and "revamp my rental". While I do believe in these concepts, I had my heart set on a bigger prize. Home ownership. I didn't know when, I didn't know how, (starting to sound like Ariel here), I didn't even know where for sure. For the longest time home ownership just seemed like this elusive concept. I just knew that when the time came I would be elated to be able to focus my efforts and creativity on my first home. For several years we saved and saved and finally decided to pull the trigger and go for it.

Let me just say, being a property virgin, the whole buying a house process is mostly terrifying. Maybe it's my anxious inclination, but because I felt both scared and nervous about such a monumental decision/purchase I really tried not to let myself get very excited about anything until the day we closed on the house. I tried to treat it like a business transaction but of course there were bouts of heart palpitations at the thought of remodeling the kitchen into my dream kitchen (all white please!) and sitting outside in my very own yard. Escrow is a very long month of confusing agreements, research, inspections, and watching your hard earned savings disappear before your very eyes! It's really quite incredible how over it all you are by day 30. And I'm not even addressing the whole offer process which in itself is quite the adventure.

So we sold most of our furniture on either craigslist or via our garage sale and moved into what is now a pretty empty house. As in the only livingroom furniture we have are two lawn chairs and have zero dining room chairs, no dressers, no bed frames you get the point. The reason we decided to do this was to have a clean slate. We only want to add furniture we want for the new house. Plus, I've come to learn it's really not that bad sitting in lawn chairs, life could be much worse ;) . We do have things on order and I will talk about all of that along the way. 

The point of this post is not to just share my excitement over finally diving into real estate but to introduce a new topic on King & Kind that I hope you can relate to, or at least enjoy my take on the experience. 

I am not planning to do tons of renovations right off the bat although I have a list a mile long and I do not see me departing from my love of sharing beauty and fashion ideas with you, but I am really excited to start talking about this new part of my life with you. 

So here are my Top 10 tips for Property Virgins: 

1) Get a great Realtor who will hold your hand and guide you through the whole process. Ask for referrals from friends, family, and colleagues. He/she should go to bat for you, answer all of your "stupid" questions, and have a great attitude all along the way. They should never pressure you to make an offer on a house and should not be all sales-ey on you when going through the houses. They should also be extremely knowledgeable about the market and houses in the areas you are interested in. My Realtor was great at pointing out flaws to us and brainstorming solutions/remodeling ideas in addition to knowing the market and up and coming neighborhoods. I felt comfortable asking him lots of questions and he was always super quick to respond whether it was a late night text about a contract or trying to find out where something was in the house once we moved in. 

2) Don't get too emotionally invested in a house, lots can happen even after your offer is accepted that could break the deal. 

3) Double check that the house has what the listing says it has. If it says it has a water softening system, find out where it is and verify it is there and working. 

4) Read everything and ask questions or do research. If you don't know what it means to remove a contingency then find out! Don't just sign documents without having a basic understanding of what you are doing and why. 

5) Get an insurance agent and mortgage broker to do the hard work for you as far as shopping for the best rates and packages. 

6) Try to get the painting done before you move in. We couldn't do this due to timing but every time I walk into that lime colored room I just cringe. So do it if you can, just get it out of the way so that you have a fresh palette. 

7) Check your documents carefully for errors before you sign. Chances are there will be something that needs to be corrected along the way and it would be a shame for you to overlook this. 

8) Get your locks re-keyed right away. It doesn't cost that much and it's worth the peace of mind. You won't know who or how many people have access to your new house whether it be house keepers, neighbors, baby sitters, etc. 

9) Prioritize your plans for remodeling and making big purchases for your new home. You have just likely drained your life savings getting your first home so your budget will be tight for a while as you get used to your new fiduciary responsibilities and build your savings back up. Prioritize what you need right away and what can wait until later and take your time. I You will want to do everything right away but reign it in sister! A home isn't built in a day and you do not want to go into debt over your impatience. 

10) Go with your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. 

I would love to hear your advice on buying a first house, so leave us a comment!

PS If you think you know where we live please do not call it out online. I don't want any creepers! 


neuLash review, neuBrow review, neuRadiance review, giveaway

As a skincare junkie I am always looking for the latest and greatest to give me healthy skin. I have used neuLash for the past year and a half and have really loved it. My almost non-existent lashes have become longer, darker, and thicker with using it every night after I wash my face. So when I was approached to review the rest of the line I was completely on board.

Along with eyelash shortages, my eyebrows are also a bit sparse so after a few months of using neuBrow I can officially say I am getting fuller and darker brows as well. My browtist even noticed the difference a few weeks ago when I went to get them threaded. She was so happy for me haha. I use neuBrow every night after I apply neuLash

I have also been using neuRadiance to exfoliate and I am completely hooked. Because I use face medicine every night, my skin can get really dry, this keeps the flakes away. I use it in the morning twice a week. It combats the appearance of dull, dry, uneven skin tone and transforms it into a fresh, glowing complexion that looks younger instantly. Its unique dual sensory experience will have you addicted in no time, with its warming effect upon application and a cooling tingle when rinsed off. Your skin will look and feel refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.

neuRadiance review, neuRadiance giveaway, best exfoliater

The past week I have been unpacking and trying to get settled in our new house. There are things that are still lost in boxes but these three products were in my immediate needs bag. I feel a tad guilty that I havent been able to blog a whole lot lately so to try to make it up to you I am partnering with Skin Research Laboratories to give you neuRadiance, a $79 value, for free

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