hair extension giveaway, how to use clip in hair extensions with short hair
{Hair Extensions c/o Lush Hair Extensions, Nars "Surabaya" eyeshadow + MAC "Tempting" eyeshadow, MAC "Boldly Bare" lip pencil + NARS Pure Matte lipstick in "Madere"}

Lately, I have been wishing my hair would grow back out, I really miss it. A fun way to get instant long hair without the wait is by using clip in hair extensions. I was excited when Lush Hair Extensions reached out with the opportunity to try theirs out and also provide King & Kind readers with a little treat. Before we get to that let's talk about installing clip in hair extensions when you have short hair because it is not as hard as you think! 

hair extension giveaway, how to use clip in hair extensions with short hair

Step 1: 
Since I decided to wear my hair in loose curls I curled my hair and also the hair extensions while they were off my head. I used a skirt hangar with the little clips to hold them while curling them. 

Step 2: 
Start out with a thin section at the nape of your neck. As you will see I am not a stickler for a perfectly straight hairline because a) it's really hard to see when you are doing it yourself and b) nobody will see it. Pin up the rest of your hair and spray the hairline with hairspray. 

Step 3: 
Tease the hairline gently to prepare it to hold the clips better. I like this comb

Step 4: 
Clip in a 3 clip extension piece. 

Step 5:
Continue to take another layer down about a fingers width thick section by section using the wider multi-clip extension pieces towards the middle of your head. 

Step 6: 
I put the 4 clip piece right below midpoint of my head. 

Step 7: 
Again, I am never too worried about a super straight line, but do the best you can. If it bothers you then use a hand mirror or borrow a friend :)

Step 8: 
Spray and tease the sides of your hair preparing them for the 1 and 2 clip pieces. 

hair extension giveaway, how to use clip in hair extensions with short hair

Step 9: 
I use the smaller pieces right above my ear to hide the short hair underneath. 

Step 10: 
Lastly, I secure the wider 2 clip piece above the small 1 clip piece to make sure the front is completely covered. Be careful about clipping pieces in too close to the top of your head because you do not want to be able to see any clips. leave a little more of your natural hair on top it will just look like layers. 
I am wearing the Ultimate Full Head 20" hair extensions in #2 Dark Brown.

Lush Extensions wants you to have your own Ultimate Set of their remy clip in extensions! Enter below to win your own and yes, you get to pick the color and length. This giveaway is open internationally and you must be a King & Kind follower to enter. Giveaway closes on Friday, October 16th at midnight PST.

What do you think? Have you used clip in extensions? Would you like to try them?

P.S. For those who asked about my eye makeup and lipstick from this Instagram post details are at the top! 


fall outfit ideas for work
lush hair extensions
chambray shirt and pencil skirt
crystal art deco chandelier earrings
burgundy and green outfit ideas
lush clip in hair extensions for short hair

Since we in the South West are experience quite a warmer Fall season than the rest of the country, I looked through my closet to find a work appropriate outfit that plays on Fall but is still temperature appropriate. A denim shirt with a green pencil skirt is a great work outfit option and these burgundy heels paired with the green give off a more Fall feel.

This weekend, it rained and we got to curl up and watch movies and some good TV. Have you seen The Strain yet? We have been watching it but I am still on the fence. Happy for The Leftovers and The Good Wife to be back!

Back to the grind today and here's what I'm wearing....

similar shirt  | jcrew pencil skirt (25% OFF!) {similar here} | similar heels | similar earrings | prada bag {budget friendly version 30% OFF!} | lush hair extensions c/o

nars "chihuahua" lip gloss | estee lauder double wear foundation | mac fluidline eyeliner in 'blacktrack| mac eyeshadow in "tempting"

P.S. These earrings were a great find from Zara last year and I have never found a duplicate style since. I plan to hang on to these as costume jewelry for as long and they will last! 


best weekend links, mindy kaling "why not me"

  • I need to up my work wardrobe game in the worst way and am browsing the Work Essentials SALE at Banana Republic (40% off!!)....this skirt is so me at work and I also love this, and oooo this sweatshirt is so cool...okay, I apologize, things tend to get out of hand once I start shopping online.  
  • I have always wanted to try Eyelash Extensions but am concerned about the seemingly expensive price tag and upkeep of it all. Just read this article, A Newbie's Guide to Eyelash Extensions...have you ever had them done? 

I hope you have a LOVELY weekend, thank you for stopping by.

Currently Obsessed....


mac media lipstick

Burgundy or oxblood colors are quintessential Fall to me. These colors are not just for a sweater or a pretty hat, I love to go dark with lipstick as well this time of year. My advice when wearing dark lipstick like this is to go light on the eyeshadow. I like to still wear eyeliner since my eyes look too undefined without it, but a lot of women could go light eyeshadow and mascara only with dark lipstick. I am wearing MAC "Media" lipstick here and it's one of my absolute favorites! 

On a side note, we are planning to plant some fall flowers this weekend, let me know if you have any long lasting seasonal recommendations. I would love them to last through the winter. We are also thinking about planting pumpkins this year for next Fall. Have you ever done that?

I normally order my MAC from Nordstrom but Media seems to be sold out currently. Looks like it is in stock here

Check out my favorite burgundy lipstick for Fall:


white marble coffee table

I have been on the hunt for the perfect new coffee table for our living room for months now. A sucker for marble, I ordered and waited for this coffee table and it really is thing of beauty. Just one problem...the color of the marble is a bit too cool for my space I think. So while I ponder the pretty marble I have been searching for alternate options. I know it's important to stick with my instincts and if it doesn't feel right, I need to move on. 

marble coffee table

So I staged it a little and spent the weekend with it. I love the open frame in our small living room and am leaning towards a wood top box frame table since there is already SO MUCH WHITE going on in this space. In the meantime, here are some chic coffee tables I came across that I thought I would share with you all. They are all under $1000, some only a couple hundred (!). marble and gold coffee tables
one // two
 nine // ten 

What do you think? Black box frame, marble top, wood top, gold frame? The search is on!


Okay, so my pinky is not actually up in this photo but I wanted to pop in today to share my favorite pink lipsticks with you. As fun as it is to darken up for Fall, I like to mix things up with pretty pink.

I am wearing MAC "Lovelorn" in this photo which I think is the perfect pink personally. My other favorite pinks from MAC are "Creme Cup" and "Girl About Town" for a party pink. 

Here are my other faves: 

What's your favorite pink lipstick? 


5 Tips for Styling A Bookshelf
The moment I have been waiting for since we moved in finally arrived with the installation of the built in by California Closets! See my take on the planning and installation process here. Now to the fun part, how to style the shelves! 

First of all, it is important to choose cabinet pulls that will set the tone for your room and shelf. Are you going for a traditional feel, modern, transitional, eclectic? I chose these polished brass ring pulls because I thought they were so unique and would add a fun stylish twist to the otherwise traditional cabinets. Centering them on the cabinet doors gives them a more decorative look while still being very functional. If you are looking for gorgeous unique knobs, bookmark these! It's amazing what a difference hardware makes.

how to style a bookshelf

No bookshelf is complete without some decorative pieces. You need to have some meaningful pieces mixed in with your books to add more personal style and interest whether that's a couple of framed photos, pieces from your travels, a decorative bowl, bookends or even plants. I used a couple of pieces from our trips to London and Bali along with a few items I found at Home Goods. God I love that place! 

Top 5 Bookshelf Styling Tips

Color blocking. Whether you decide to go this route for added impact or mix them all up, you have options. I chose color blocking for now since our space is so neutral and we needed some visual stimulation. I also love the look of turning a row of books backwards so that the pages are displayed instead of the binding like this.

California Closets Built in Before and After

Organizing by height, shortest to largest, while also keeping width in mind will make your shelf look cleaner and more put together. I used to work at the Ohio State University library when I was in college and the stacks of books were gorgeous when organized neatly, it makes such a big impact. If you want to see some serious library porn check out how they remodeled the OSU main library here. It's stunning!

Display your favorite items at eye level. The items you fell look the best or that you find most interesting should be here for all to see. Less impactful items can go at the top or bottom. I had a row of extra books that I didn't have room for in the other sections that I organized top right. 

The shelves in our California Closets built in are easily adjusted giving us lots of options for mixing things up. I look forward to regularly styling the shelves and seeing how things evolve over time. Also, the cabinets are amazing at keeping all of our equipment hidden. I added a cute black basket full of dvds along with extra remotes etc. and love how much space there is to store it all.

What do you think? Any other tips you can share?? 
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