Office Space

As a blogger who does not have posts prepared 2 weeks in advance, I have to create a workspace wherever needed, even on vacation. Luckily for me, this workspace had a stunning view and very comfy surroundings! 

Top: GAP, Necklace: Target, Watch: Michael Kors

IPad Case: Target, Laptop: Toshiba, Workspace: Grace Manor- Breckenridge, CO

My routine is that I do the following: 

1. Download photos onto computer and delete from my camera
2. Use Picassa to review and delete bad ones then import "chosen ones" to a file on my computer (Picassa houses all of the photos for me)
3. Open files in Photoshop Elements to choose my top 5-7 pics and edit/resize them
4. My favorite part is designing my header photo and getting creative
5. Upload photos to Blogger and add content

I use a Canon T1i with a Canon f.1.4 50mm lens for my photos and usually just put it on auto although I have toyed with Aperture priority mode with mixed results.  I love the blurry background (bokeh) effect but it's hard to get the person in focus at the same time. I am still trying. 

What are your photography tips and your blogging routine? Do you have posts ready far in advance?


  1. I used to write my posts the night before but then it started stressing me out too much. So I start them (notes and pics sometimes) on the weekend or a few days before and then finish them at night. And I am totally lost without photoshop.

    I am so jealous of that view...looks like such a fun trip!

    Classy with a Kick

    1. I try to do a lot on the weekend and I work all week so it is stressful to post every night. I wish I could get ahead but life is so busy!

  2. I love learning about your process! I use pretty much the same routine for posts and try to draft things a couple days before but often find myself inspired the night before a post is due. Do you use a tripod and photograph yourself or do you have someone to help you? Your photos are just stunning!

    Chelsea & The City
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    1. Hi Chelsea,
      I have done last minute editing for sure, so I totally understand. My husband usually takes my photos, he is a good photographer ;) If he is not available, I sometimes have to resort to a tripod but not my favorite way to take photos and it takes a LOT longer to accomplish.

  3. I love that iPad cover! Where is it from? I'm new to blogging and just learning Photoshop, so thank you for sharing your process!


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