Eyebrows Tutorial- Keeping It Real

If there is one thing I am good at, it is keeping it real, and today I'm going to fill you in (no pun intended) on one of my little secrets that most people do not know about me. I color in my eyebrows! There, I said it. I naturally have light and sparse brows, so if you are one the many women who may be in need of a little extra detailing in this area, I am here for you. Here are the 8 simple steps- including before and after- so really 6 steps, for making your brows look their best. 

1- Full makeup except for brows- eau naturale!

2- With a clean face, use a magnifying mirror near a window for natural sunlight to pluck any stray hairs, try to stick to your natural shape but clean up the angles.

3- Next use your index finger to push the brows straight up and trim (very carefully) the long strands that stick up against your forehead. (Tweezerman Scissors and Tweezers, generic brow comb)

 4- Brush out loose hairs with either a toothbrush or brow comb.

5-MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown Matte,  MAC Angled Brush 266

6- Fill in your brows using the angled brush and appropriate eyeshadow color. The RULE is your eyebrows should be 1 shade lighter or the same color as your hair for brunettes and 2 shades darker for blondes; this may require professional brow dying.

7- Brush brows upwards to make sure color is evenly distributed. Repeat step 6 if necessary. Repeat after me- "Sisters NOT Twins"- brows are not naturally identical nor do they need to be when grooming. 

8- Finished product- ahh much better!

 Brows are one of the first (if not THE first) parts of your face that others notice. I believe eyebrows can truly make or break your look. No matter how much or little time you have in your life for makeup, you MUST make time for your brows at least twice a week.
    Good news is, by grooming your brows you will automatically look nicer and more put together even if you don't have time for makeup. Ultra important ladies!


    1. I love seeing before/afters of people's brows, it always makes such a big difference! I struggle with making darker brows look normal/natural on me. Mine are naturally quite light, and they get ULTRA blonde in the summer - sometimes makes them almost invisible from a distance!


      1. I know a few ladies who have theirs colored and it looks great! May be worth a try sometime.

    2. Fabulous! This looks great and your makeup is flawless!

    3. You have great brows! I recently went from black to blonde hair and my brows were so much easier to manage when they were dark. I bleached my brows and now they're a mess! Great post :)

      Life of Mabel

      1. That's a tough one you are a brave woman!

    4. Your makeup is always flawless Amber! I'm so terrible at keeping up with my brows (who has the time?!), they could definitely use your help. I HATE their natural shape!

      Chelsea & The City

      1. Totally hear you. Maybe get them done professionally every once in a while and just tidy them up on your own every few days or so.

    5. Oh thank you! I need help! I am struggling!

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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