Friday is here thank you Jesus! What a week! Good news is that this weekend is looking up in a major way! On Saturday I am visiting my favorite stylist for some hair treatment and am also trying the Brazilian Zero+ Blowout for the first time. Will my hair melt off??! I guess we will find out. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what I am getting into on Sunday, super excited for this I tell you. Now on to Friday's Five picks of the week!

1.Lili of Satin & Scotch
2. Heather of Disposable Income Girl 
3. Elvy of Pigtails & Pearls  
4. Victoria of Fashion Flirtation 
5. Samantha of Designer in Teal   

How it works:
Friday's Five is a linkup party where you submit your favorite post from the week and link it up here at FACE IT CATALOG and also at Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins. The following Friday, we will choose five of those posts that we particularly enjoyed and then share them with all of you! If you're chosen for one of the five blogs, we will email you on Thursday evening letting you know so you can post about it on your blog! You can be featured as many times as possible, so if you don't get chosen this week, try again next week.

Your post can be about anything, food, fashion, decor, inspiration, your dog, etc.! Think of it as a giant show and tell where you get to share one of your bog posts from the week that you enjoyed putting together! I do ask that you please follow CB&BP and FACE IT in order to link up- Also, don't forget to post a link back to CB&BP and FACE IT so that people can come visit!

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Who doesn't love building new relationships with other bloggers and finding new blogs to read? I know I do. Fridays Five is a way for us to branch out from our typical blogroll and make some new friends!


Don't forget to link up every Fri-Wed to have a chance to be featured. And go visit some of the other lovely ladies that link up!

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  1. AWWW! You ladies are so sweet! Thanks for always hosting such a great link up. Love seeing everyones looks each week. XX!


    1. You are so welcome Elvy, we love having you link up!


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