25 perfect gifts for him

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25 of my favorite gifts for that guy. Dave owns several of these items already so I know they are awesome. Is it just me or is buying for men pretty difficult? I feel like women love SO MUCH and there are just endless possibilities for us but guys, its a little trickier. After spending a week with a "murder of handsome" (as they call themselves) immersed in sailing, football, comedies, and lots of beer I am confident that I have nailed down some pretty great gifts to choose from. Now I need to douse myself in glitter to get back to normal. Cheers and happy shopping! 


  1. These are such fun picks Amber! I love that gorgeous camera.

    Chelsea & The City

    1. Thank you Chelsea! I love the lomography camera too, so cool.

  2. Totally not just you. I think buying for men is difficult too! The selection for guys is maybe not as grand as the selection for women. I attribute that towards the fact that you can "get away" with purchasing "cute" things for ladies. The gents are bit more selective...or their gifts feel more expensive. haha. At least for my guy anyway. =D He's into the techie world of gifts and that's tough since that can be such a personal/selective process!
    Anyway...I really like your list. The watch and those socks seem very appealing as gifts for my guy!


    1. Nancy I agree with you. The options are just limitless for us girls. I am glad you like my 25!


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