Hair Things I Love

I thought I would switch things up a little today and show you some of my favorite hair products and tools. It should be noted that I do not have amazing hair or think I do, but I have HIGH MAINTENANCE hair and I am REALLY hard on it. I mean straightening my curls everyday, chemicals, heat, teasing, hairspray, coloring... So, I have tried a lot of products and I do feel that I am in a position to show you some really stellar things you can use. I included my opinion on each briefly but questions are welcomed! 


  1. Try the Davnies collection. Best thing in the world smoothing curly hair. The Love line is fantastic and the Oi line is awesome too. You can pick them up at the hair salon next to Whole Foods in Encinitas (under Solace) or at the new blow dry in the Lumberyard. You will LOVE them!!

    Classy with a Kick

  2. No other hair spray has ever stacked up to Elnett! It's the best!


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