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A friend once asked me if it ever gets easier to see your family leave after a visit and I told her honestly, no. It sucks. Every. Single. Time. But the sadness of them leaving is overshadowed by all of the fun you have together. My Mom and Niece came out for a visit last week and it was so nice to spend time together and unplug. It can be really easy to get caught up in work and blogging and you almost start to forget what really matters. Real life haha. I have decided to slow down the pace a little and make sure I am doing quality work and providing quality blog content instead of quantity. This may mean some weeks I only do 3 posts and some I do the full 5. But there needs to be a balance. I do have a full time career after all. 

A little heavy for a Monday morning, sorry about that! We had so much fun watching Vera experience the beach for the first time. She was so brave and literally dove right in. She is so chatty and says the CUTEST things. I could have photographed her for 5 days straight but I restrained myself and put the camera away. We also went to the San Diego Zoo to which she said her favorite part was the hippo pooping in the water (LOL!), visited the Hotel Del Coronado, and Cedros Avenue. My mom and I kicked off the week with massages at my favorite Spa Namara in Del Mar which was just what we needed (well, much more her than me with the long flight :). We of course ate at a few of our favorite places- Tidewater for fish tacos, Pizza Port (the Carlsbad pizza is our fave), and Blue Ribbon. Dave grilled some delicious tri-tip from Seaside Market (the best) and Vera kept asking for more "snake" (steak).

I am so proud of my sister for raising such a sweet girl, you can tell she has done such a good job by how considerate, helpful, caring, and happy she is. Cheers to family time and all the little things!


  1. How sweet! Family is so important and I'm so glad you got to spend a little time with yours Amber. Vera is a doll!

    Chelsea & The City

  2. Yummm I love Pizza Port in Carlsbad! My boyfriend is from there, and we eat there almost every time we visit. I am so impressed with the quality of your pictures and blog posts while working full time! Looks like a great weekend, I went home to see my nephew this weekend, family time is the best!

    1. How cool! Thank you for the nice compliment, photography is something I really enjoy and work hard at, its so nice that you like my photos. I agree, family time is the absolute best.

  3. I will be in Cali in just two weeks and I am so excited! We are staying in La Jolla if you have any good dinning recommendations!

    1. Hi Ashley, how exciting! I got married in La Jolla :D Oh my goodness there are lots of great places to eat, here is a link to the best of 2013 that has all the local favorites .

  4. Hi Amber! I like your blog so i follow you. This post is amazing and soooo cute... you have a perfect family. Kisses from Spain. I hope your next post.


    1. Hi Ari,
      Thank you for the nice compliments and for following along! Although, we are certainly not perfect, but thank you for being so sweet!


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