how to apply occ lip tar in 3 steps


My first time trying OCC Lip Tar was in a very very busy Sephora store recently where it was hard to get the attention I wanted in finding a new neon lipstick so I started trying this on my hand. Well, let's just say I didnt know what I was getting myself into and had a VERY pink hand after I was done testing these out haha. I had to borrow their makeup remover to even get it looking semi-normal, BUT the colors are so great! I love a high pigment and this one can be worn as a very light stain or a full coverage lipstick. Love the versatility.

Here's how you apply it: 


One: Make sure you have exfoliated your lips to have a nice even surface. Nobody wants cakey cracky lipstick and because this one is pretty matte it is key. 

Two: Primer optional, here is their version. I did not use primer and I'll talk a little more about it below. Apply a little at a time onto the brush that comes with the OCC tube. If you want a light stain, literally a ball point pen tip sized amount will cover your whole pout. I used Queen here. 


Three: Build the coverage one layer at a time starting in the middle of your lips and working outward. You can wipe the brush when you are done and use it to blend a clean lip line. 

The finished result is that is lasts and lasts and lasts even as a light stain and I didn't need to use any primer. I wore it to work yesterday as a light stain and I had no issues with it becoming too dry or smearing even after 2 cups of coffee and breakfast.  If you have dry lips you may want to try their primer, couldn't hurt. 

Another recommendation I now have is that you get a packet of the mini sizes. I bought a full sized tube and even I don't think I will ever be able to use all of it since you need such a tiny amount each application. You can also mix then for unlimited color options. 

Here are some that I am scoping out now, I want to try every color! 

Have you tried OCC Lip Tar yet? What were your experiences with it?


  1. Love the color and you look stunning
    great post
    Want to follow each other?
    New Post Fashion Talks

    1. Thank you Sandy! Glad you like I will absolutely check out your site!

  2. Thats a beautiful pink shade on you. I sit drying out. I found out that most of hte high pigmented lipsticks make my lips super dry, I hate it.


    1. I do not find it to be drying, but if you feel like you might I recommend using the OCC primer underneath it.

  3. I have a few lip tar shades and I just can't stop it from feathering outside my lip line. I've lined my lips, applied concealer outside my lip line, and whatever I do it still feathers. I love NSWF but I just hate having to be extra careful with these. I've found that the Rimmel Show Off Lips are very similar but less high maintenance.


    1. I dont have that issue so far. Have you tried to use a clear lipliner around your lips first? I use Urban Decay.


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