This was supposed to be a makeup post. I started out sitting in the chair after a long day of work (tights still on) and was doing a couple test shots to get the lighting right before I spruced up my hair and makeup and changed for the real thing. That turned into "eww, my arms are huge" then thoughts of  "not having a good face day...I shouldn't have eaten the rest of those salt and pepper Kettle Chips last night..." followed by hanging upside down in the chair thinking about the season finale of Scandal, to "I do not feel like doing this". I just could NOT rally the energy to prep and shoot for a makeup post and I am sorry for that. Sort of... 


When I ended up laying on the floor taking photos of my shoes and contemplating a dinner of homemade olive oil and parmesan popcorn I decided to call it quits. So today instead I am just talking to you and enjoying a glass of Cabernet while I write. 

Hate/Love this chair? It is part of a foursome that I acquired in Thomaston/Griffin, GA while visiting my parents when they lived there about 8 or 9 years ago (I was still in school for the record). My mom and I love to antique shop and when I saw these it was love at first sight. Something you may not know about me is that I have a deep appreciation for vintage pieces. Especially pieces with a story. This set belonged to Fred Crane, one of the Tarleton twins in Gone With the Wind. {a) LOVE GWTW and b) the Tarleton twins were babes.} 


He had been clearing his estate nearby, at 80-something years old, and I scored them for I think $150 for all four. I made my parents keep them for me until I could get them driven to Ohio. They then moved with Dave and I to California a few years later.  I (un-apologetically) love these chairs and I love that they are a part of something that my mother and I share admiration of. Dave HATES these chairs. I understand. They are not really part of the vision I have for our future house and decor either, but I just never want to part with them. Even if they go in the attic for a period of time. They have been with me for almost a decade now and as far as I am concerned they and I are a package deal. 


If you are still here, then you are either really avoiding doing your work {procrastinator!} or you are liking our little chat. I'm okay with either. I guess I should have titled this post "I love my antique GWTW chairs but hey..." Just keeping it real.   

Do you know who else is keeping it real? Man Repeller. Granted I obviously LOVE makeup and everything I can do with it and do not foresee that changing but I hear what she is saying. She is getting quite the mixed bag of comments regarding her face and I think it opens up some interesting dialog.

Hopefully, I find my motivation and inspiration this weekend to produce some inspiring outfit and makeup posts for you. If I don't, I blame it on my stressful day job as an HR Business Partner and the fact that my husband has been in Houston all week. 

I've enjoyed our little chat. Hope you have a lovely weekend! TGIF.


  1. I also love GWTW & think these chairs are absolutely divine! What a steal!

    1. Glad to hear I am not alone Sally!

  2. LOVE the chair, LOVE the tights, and LOVE the shoes. And yes, I'm also a procrastinator. :-)


  3. Your chairs are simply regal! :)

    1. They really are, glad you like!


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