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Mother's day is a very important day to really treat and celebrate the Mothers in you life. I asked a few of my favorite moms to tell me what they would love to receive on their special day and compiled the above inspiration board. Not surprisingly, they also gave me some lovely ideas for DIY and inexpensive or free creative gifts that I absolutely loved. Why didn't I ask sooner?! 

  • Cake Jars...need I say more? If you live far away, you can send your Mom her favorite cake via Duffs Cake Mix! Brilliant. Idea.
  • Guys, are you listening? Moms are generally the ones to schedule the family photos each year. One Mom mentioned to me that it would be awesome if guys could do some of the leg work – especially if they pulled out the wife’s wedding gown and did pictures without her knowing and then gave them to her on Mother’s day. Perfectly in sync, another Momma told me that one of her most memorable gifts was when her husband did just that. He scheduled a photo session with his daughter, got them all dressed up, and then surprised her with an adorable Father/Daughter portrait for her first Mother's Day. {MF if you are reading you are just the sweetest!

  • A healthier treat like Shari's Berries or Edible Arrangements is much appreciated. And think about sending it to her office on Friday so all the ladies can enjoy with her. How sweet are you?! 
  • An idea that I LOVE is a movie night with homemade specialty popcorn like this.  I personally love popcorn made with olive oil, sea salt, and sprinkled with shaved parmesan cheese! 
  • How adorable is a homemade dinner prepared by kiddos (dad may help)? Really let the child be in charge and set up the table, serve Mom dinner, and refill her drink (if possible). 
  • Family trip to the Zoo & out to eat. For a more active celebration, its especially a treat for those who have to travel a bit to get to the nearest Zoo. 
  • Homemade certificates offering services such as cleaning the house, washing the car, a back rub,  or yard work. Get creative! I remember doing coupons or certificates all the time for my parents and they got such a kick out of what my brother, sister, and I would come up with. Let the kids run wild with designing and inventing them.  Or if you're an adult make some pretty certificates for your mom like Sunday brunch, movie of your choice, car wash, pedicure, spend a day together with no internet (guilty!), you name it! 
  • Draw a picture and frame it for Mom
  • A walk in park with mom (and a picnic would be awesome).

The Complete Collection: 

There you have it! You now have plenty of ideas to fit your budget and style. I would love to know what you are getting your Mom for for Mother's Day this year? Give us all ideas in the comments below! 


  1. So many great gift ideas!

    1. They all provided with with so many ideas and I love them all!


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