I love Olivia Palermo's makeup from the Paris Pretty shoot. The lavender/deep purple smokey eye inspired me to search for a great purple palette to try. I have NEVER worn purple eyeshadow and I have to say, I can't stop wearing it now. It pairs so well well so many colors- gray, white, cream, pink, black- you get the picture. Plus if you have brown eyes, it really makes them pop. 

Here's how I got the look: 


Step 1: With you base on, add a bright pink blush to create that pretty flushed look. I love Tarte Dollface blush. 

Step 2: Add highlighting shadow to your brow bone just under your eyebrows from center to outside edge and also to the inside corners of your eyes and blend. I use this shadow in Zephyr


Step 3: Using the Smashbox Photo Op - Vignette Palette start dusting Amethyst around the edges of your eyelid creating a swoop outline from the inside/top of your eyelid around to the top edge. 

Step 4: Now use the dark matte Aubergine color from the Smashbox Vignette Palette to fill in the space on your top lid leaving the Amethyst showing for a pretty ombre effect. It should look deep outside and lighter as you go inward. 


Step 5: Dust the Aubergine along your bottom lash line from outside corner in making sure to stop about halfway or three quarters of the way in. 

Step 6: Using an eyeliner smudging tool wet it lightly and dip it in the Aubergine then use it as a purple eyeliner along your bottom lid. 


Step 7: Using a gel eyeliner or liquid liner, trace the top lash line with only a slight flick upward at the corner. I recently have started using Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner in Black Ink. I am really liking it so far, it has a bit of a richer black color to it than the MAC but the MAC is great as well. I use the MAC #210 precise eyeliner brush to apply.


Step 8: MASCARA! Haaaay! 

Step 9: Blend away, using this brush. Make sure you don't have any harsh edges to your eyeshadow top and bottom. Very important.


Step 10: Use a pretty light pink lipstick like MAC Angel for a matte lip. 


Step 11: I added on a coat of YSL Sheer Candy Glossy Balm #9 to brighten it up a bit. Your call. 


Done! Now you have captured Olivia's pretty look for yourself. Now if only we had her figure, cheekbones, and closet... 



Hope you have a lovely day! Let me know who you would like to see in the next "Get The Look" feature! 

** New  Click HERE to go the the Oliva Palermo Makeup Cheat Sheet! 


  1. This look is gorgeous! You did a great job recreating Olivia's look!

    Katie | Style Diary

    1. Thank you Katie, glad you like!


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