Mothers Day always has me browsing through old photos of Mom and I, remembering fun times I had completely forgotten about. My Mom has taught me lots of things, as every good Mom should, but here are my favorites: 

1. The pain joy of home improvement (always keep a hammer and tape measurer in your purse) and insulation is very scratchy.
2. How to give "that look". 
3. The value of patience especially during difficult situations and while teaching. My mom really missed her calling as she is a great teacher and I really look up to that since I am very impatient.
4. That it is more fun to do the eating than the cooking.
5. DIY- I got the basics of sewing pillows, curtains, and buttons right from her.
6. An appreciation of all things antique and vintage.
7. Never stop learning or trying- she is always working on a new project or entrepreneurial venture.
8. Work hard. 
9. Laugh often, I love to make my Mom laugh, she gets into such a fit that she can't see (dangerous while driving).
10. The transformative power of eyeliner.
11. Not to let your height (she's 4'11 and I am 5'2) limit your ability to get that box of cereal off the top shelf at the grocery store- we have mastered the art of getting that thing out of our reach using a variety of makeshift stepping stools, grabbers, and  jumping/climbing. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend and lovely Mother's Day, if you are still thinking about what to do for the Mother in your life, here are some great gifts and free ideas!


  1. What a heartfelt post!

  2. Awwww. That is sooo sweet! I remember when each of those photos was taken (your dad took the second one when we were 16!). I'm so honored that you feel you've learned so much from me and so proud to call you my daughter! I love you sweetie!


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