Hey, Sailor!


Hello there and happy Wednesday! Embracing the nautical style with a vintage captains hat and one of my favorite red lipsticks, Beso. How about an update on my adventures in sailing?


I have mentioned before that Dave has drug taken me sailing, the first time was a little scary for me, the second time was better but also scary because I actually had to do stuff, the third was much more relaxed and more enjoyable. For those who are experienced sailors and grew up around boats you are probably thinking it's ridiculous for someone to be afraid while sailing since you are of the opinion that it is impossible to flip a sailboat over,  probably feel it is very relaxing, and also thoroughly enjoy getting the boat up on its side while experiencing a nice spray from the sea. To a person who grew up in Ohio this is terrifying. Having a boat up on its side instinctively means you are going overboard. 


What made my sailing experiences much more enjoyable {other than the gorgeous scenery in San Diego} are these adorable Sperry Topsiders which are on sale here. I look forward to another go at sailing soon, see my last post about sailing here


Stila Lipstick in Beso| Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner| MAC Eyeshadow in Honest  Essie Hip Anema Nail Polish

Topsiders are not just for sailing, they are also super chic and comfortable to wear for walking around town. Here are my favorites and also the makeup used in today's look:

I would love to know have you ever been sailing? Do you find it relaxing or stressful? 

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  1. Ooh yes! I'm loving all thing nautical lately.. and obviously Sperry's are included! Really cute look! That lip color is popping!


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