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Let's face it. We can all get a little out of control with our shopping habits from time to time. With so many options at all price points, and sales going on daily it's hard to stay focused. There will always be a beautiful piece you want (or think you want) and it is a never ending cycle. Today, I  am focusing on an actual wardrobe strategy and how it can help you make sense of and better budget for your seasonal choices. 

Tip #1: Research
In order to be able to be strategic with your wardrobe you need to look forward to the coming season or two and also think about any upcoming trips or vacations you will have. Browse through magazines which are always a season or two ahead and flag trends that you like. The July Issue of Marie Claire has a great section on Fall trends (page 127+). 

7 wardrobe strategy tips
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Tip #2: Make A List
I am a list person and what helps me focus is to make a monthly wish list. Write down all of the items you would like to buy that month and then narrow them down to the top 5. You can do this for the month or quarter. Then make a smaller list of "if I came across this at the perfect price I should consider it". Being an impulse shopper rarely works out. The list will help you to focus in on items you really really want so you aren't just blindly buying left and right. How many times have you impulsively bought something only to wish you had put more thought into the quality or bought those distressed shorts instead? Here's a peek at my lists from June, July, and August:

summer shopping list, 7 wardrobe strategy tips
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Tip #3: Let It Sit
Put it in your cart or save it somewhere but let it sit for at least 24 hours, several days or a couple weeks if you can. Especially crucial if it is not on your top 5 list I have found that if I let it sit, a lot of times I forget about it and move on. Other times, I let it sit and I keep thinking about it, that's when you know! Also, it will go on sale, so sign up for those sale newsletters and keep an eye on your item. Don't be afraid to ask for a price adjustment if you just bought it and it goes on sale. I recently bought bathing suits to try on from JCrew and they went on sale at 40% off less than a week later, of course they gave me the price adjustments and I can reap the cost savings! 

Tip #4: Edit
Go through your closet quarterly or at least twice per year to try things on. Donate or sell items that no longer fit, show diminished quality, or don't work for you anymore. If it's too hard for you to let go of a piece then pack it away and revisit it with fresh eyes later. Keep your seasonal items in rotation, its nice to switch your closet out by season and get excited to wear things you haven't seen in awhile. 

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Tip #5: Cost Analysis
It's a good idea as you are making your monthly/quarterly purchases list to really think about your budget and also what you are willing to spend on each item. Trendy pieces like ear cuffs or neon handbags will not ALWAYS be in style so don't splurge on those pieces, get them at a lower price point. For pieces that you really feel you will love for years, make sure you get a quality long-lasting piece. 

Tip #6: Fit Matters
I prefer to shop online at places like Nordstrom, Piperlime, ASOS, and Shopbop where I know that if something doesn't fit, I can return it for free. Fit matters SO MUCH! It can make or break the look and no matter the price, can be a hit or miss. Visit your tailor when in doubt for adjustments. 

Tip#7: Mix & Match
Play with your closet. It's so important to actually wear your clothing and try mixing and matching everything in new ways. You will be surprised what you will like when you actually try things on. Put on some music, grab a class of wine, and just spend an hour playing. 

What do you think about these tips? Do you have any wardrobe strategy tips to share with us? Put them in the comments below! 


  1. Music, wine, and closet play time is definitely productive and fun. These are great tips, Amber!

    1. Thank you Alyssia, glad you like them!


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