Silver Lining

cynthia rowley silver eyeliner review

When Birchbox sent me this Cynthia Rowley silver eyeliner I was excited to try it out though I instinctively thought I would have to wait for New Years or Halloween or some kind of rave (kidding). But then I swiped it on and just couldn't get enough. Photos cannot show you how pretty this silver is and guess what, it CAN be word any day by applying it as follows....

eyeliner tutorial

Start out with your regular makeup, sans mascara, I apply this last. Swipe a thin line of black eyeliner in any style you prefer. I am wearing this one here. 

cynthia rowley silver eyeliner review and tutorial

Apply the silver eyeliner on top of the black eyeliner {see top photo for application demonstration}making sure not to cover up your black eyeliner, just line above it,  then apply your mascara!  

cynthia rowley silver eyeliner review

Done and such a fresh look. I also tried lining my bottom lid only with the silver eyeliner with black liner on the top lid and it looked really cool! Did I mention that it stays put all day long? It's one of the most amazing liners I have ever used. It comes in other colors as well black, charcoal, violet, and sky blue and at $16 it's a competitive price for the high end makeup- MAC eyeliner is actually more expensive if you can believe it. I'm sold.

What do you think, would you try this? Do you think it is too trendy or just plain fun?!


  1. Oh gosh Amber this is so fun! Love it on you!

    1. Thanks Hope, glad you like!


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