Brow Threading w/ Beauty By Dolly

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My brows have always been a thorn in my side. They are thin, sparse, lighter than my hair, and don't grow in a particularly desirable shape. In other words, I was not gifted with thick Brooke Shields brows among other things I was not gifted with. It may now come as a surprise to you that I have never had my brows done by a professional. I know, I'm surprised too. I guess I thought I was doing a fine enough job on my own and also thought that since I have such light thin brows, I certainly didn't need to bother with waxing, so it really never turned up on my radar. That is until Beauty By Dolly offered to give me a brow makeover with brow threading

beauty by dolly brow threading review

Of course I accepted enthusiastically, I am always up to try new things especially with beauty. I proceeded to grow my eyebrows out for 4 painful weeks. Painful because seeing those tiny stray hairs popping up all over my brow was KILLING ME. I came thisclose on multiple occasions to attacking them with tweezers, but the idea of having Beauty By Dolly give me the best set of brows I can have was a great motivator. Step away from the tweezers.

Once my appointment arrived, I practically ran to the brow studio where I met Natashah and Rosie. Rosie was to be my browtist {brow expert extraordinaire}. She carefully assessed my brows and like a brow mind reader said "one of your brows is slightly higher than the other" which I agreed with, it's strange but I have always had to wrangle one side into submission to make them look even. Nobody would ever know this but she immediately won me over with identifying this little known quirk of mine. I talked to her about how anxious I was to get rid of the strays and get a nice set of brows going again and she quickly got to work.

brow threading review, eyebrow threading

She first trimmed my brows, then quickly removed all the outlying "peach fuzz" before starting in on re-shaping my eyebrows. So quickly in fact that I was worried that my brows were being removed completely. How could a person move that fast and with precision? I had to set aside my past as a brow- control freak and let the professional do her work.

eyebrow threading, beauty by dolly san diego

As she got into the re-shaping and cleaning up I gently pulled my eyelid down and my eyebrow up to create a smooth, flat surface for her to work with. There was very little pain, I would say threading is less painful than tweezing.

eyebrow threading guide

The only after affect was a little bit of redness which went away within an hour. I would do this on my lunch break for sure without a problem!

eyebrow tutorial, best brow threading studio, beauty by dolly

Next, it was time to fill them in. I do this everyday and I would venture to even say that most women probably need to fill in their brows to some extent. I just happen to need to do it in order to look like a human being {see my brow tutorial here}. Rosie used a brow powder sold at Beauty By Dolly that was medium brown and little lighter than I normally go. See the full line of products here.

beauty by dolly review, eyebrow tutorial, brow threading review

Using an angled brush she enhanced the new shape of my brows and asked if I wanted them to be darker and if I wanted to be able to watch while she filled them in. Very consultative! I told her to do her thing, I wanted to completely turn over control in the essence of trying new things.

beauty by dolly brow studio, browtist, eyebrow tutorial

Within 15 minutes, everything was done! It felt and looked SO MUCH BETTER and I am officially a threading convert. The recommendation is to go every 2-4 weeks depending on how fast your brows grow in and it only costs $12! So worth it. 

beauty by dolly, eyebrow threading tutorial, eyebrow tutorial before and after

What I loved about brow threading was that it was pretty painless, natural, there was no irritation other than redness right after, and it couldn't have been any faster! No risk of ripping off skin like with waxing.  See some key terms and tips here to be prepared for your threading appointment. 

Thanks to Beauty By Dolly for having me! If you are in the San Diego area book your appointment at their Hillcrest or Black Mountain Rd locations

Do you have any questions about my experience or the process? Just leave me a comment below and let me know. Have you ever tried threading? What did you think?


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