bedroom christmas decorations
One of my favorite holiday traditions growing up was decorating our Christmas Tree and livingroom right after Thanksgiving with lots of classic Christmas music playing and admiring all of the beautiful decorations that have been around for years. Each year it seems like I forget one or two that I am so excited to unwrap. I always have so much fun decorating the livingroom for Christmas and this year I took it one step further by playing around with decorating my bedroom. I love the smell of a live tree in the room since we have a pre-lit beauty downstairs. If only I had a fireplace in my bedroom as well, how cozy would that be....someday!
mini christmas tree

bedroom side table christmas decor
plaid blanket scarf
side table holiday decor
bedroom christmas decor, west elm bedding
faux fur pillow, clare v. leopard clutch, art deco chandelier earrings

If you decide to decorate your bedroom, think outside the box and just borrow a few things from your stash of holiday decor. A couple of throw pillows and evergreen stuffed stockings are simple but effective additions. Display a few ornaments around your room for a pretty affect. I love the idea of indoor wreaths and a bowl of fragrant pine cones too. You can go as minimal or as extravagant as you like each year.

Do you decorate other rooms in your house for the holidays? I would love to hear how you make other rooms festive. 


  1. This is gorgeous Amber!! I love it!!

  2. Amazing decorations!!


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