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50th birthday party decor, 50th birthday party ideas
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50th birthday party decor ideas, country birthday party ideas
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I have been completely MIA except for Instagram lately. I traveled to Georgia where Dave, my brother, sister and I celebrated my parent's 50th birthdays! I really enjoyed unplugging and just spending time with them. We stayed in a beautiful, and slightly spooky, 100 year old house in Elberton, GA that I completely fell in love with. I loved the antique subway tile, multiple doors to each room, and intricate nooks and crannies. I love a modern home but there is something about an antique home that just makes me swoon. When I got back from my trip I dove right into work, it's my busy time of year which means no time for blog posts. For those who read daily or weekly, I apologize. So worth it to focus on family and just being present and happy though. I miss them all so much and have some great memories from this trip.
For their party, I decided to go for a white, black and gold country-chic theme for the party. All decorations were shipped out from Party City and since my cake lady bailed on me at the last minute, the nice bakery at the local Elberton, GA Ingles made me a quick red velvet cake for the party. (Thank you Heather!)

A lot of my time was spent with my niece, Vera. She just turned 3 and is at such a cute age. She says the craziest things, her little mind just amazes me. My sister has done such a good job with her and we miss her so much already. 

How do you stay close and connected to your long-distance family members? 


  1. Wow, you were very close to me. Elberton is a super small country town. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your time here!!

    1. Where do you live? Yes, Elberton is so tiny!

    2. Athens. Born and raised a country girl! lol

    3. We went into Athens quite a bit when I was out there! Small world.

  2. What an incredible party and it is just great that you put thought into the pictures of your party attendees. We usually spend lot of money on decorations but forget such cute ways to save the memories. You really did nice job! I would like to use these ideas in my birthday bash that I am going to celebrate at some local NYC event space.


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