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My beauty routine is ever-evolving and changing but I thought I would take a pause to talk about some of my favorites right now and why I like them so much.

Unite Beach Day Texturizing Spray :  It gives your hair a tousled voluminous piecey look and feel without being greasy. This bottle goes a long way so the $27 price tag is well worth months of use. Plus it is used by my hair flip icon Riawna Capri 
Sebastian Re-Shaper Hair Spray : This is a strong hold spray that doesn't look like it. You can still have that movement to your hair while keeping it styled. It has been my new go-to for weeks now. I even keep the travel sized version on hand in case a touch up is needed.  Tip: When trying out an expensive new hair product, opt for the travel sized version first to see if you like it before you go full sized. 

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish Spray :  I am in love with this spray. As I mentioned here it works wonders for max volume and for thicker, fuller looking do's. The only problem is that if you use it everyday the bottle will only last you about 2 weeks. To make it go much longer, I am going on 2 months now, I use it with the Unite Beach Day spray so they work together as a team. Win win.

Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Normal/Oily :  This night cream is light but super conditioning and nourishing. My skin feels 100% better the next day when I use this. I love that it's at target and doesn't cost an arm and a leg at $13.99.

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer :  This "primer" is why I don't need to wear foundation anymore. It is light and silky, absorbs oil, and has SPF 30 on top of that! I have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of my skin and oil production since I switched to this. 

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer :  This concealer is a powerhouse for covering blemishes, dark circles, and scars. It is something I use everyday and it stays put like no other without looking chalky or creasing. 

neuLash c/o : I was looking for a lash enhancement serum like Latisse that doesn't require a prescription and neuLash has won me over. My lashes are fuller and longer thanks to this little serum. It says it is a 3 month supply, however, the tube lasts me for about a year with once a day use. I apply it at night along with my nightly skincare routine, but also know people who prefer to apply it in the morning before their makeup. 

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Light/Medium Bronzer : With a matte non-shimmery finish, goes on flawlessly without sinking in to any acne scars or highlighting skin imperfections. Smells like chocolate. Need I say more? 

Sephora Pro Airbrush #55 :  I use this brush to blend my base and concealer and then again all over my face for an airbrushed look once I have my blush, bronzer, and highlighter on. It is one of my favorite brushes in my arsenal!

NARS Surabaya Eyeshadow Duo: I hunted this shadow down a couple of years ago after watching Guiliana & Bill. I loved her eyeshadow and I had to have it. This is my #1 favorite go to eyeshadow because it gives me the drama that I love and the warm shades really compliment my complexion and warm it up. It's kind of an exotic eyeshadow and I always get compliments when I wear it. 

Tweezerman Rose Gold Eyelash Curler: Not only does it look beautiful, it gets the job done. My eyelashes angle downward and always need to be curled. Tip: Heat the eyelash curler for a few seconds with your hair dryer. Be sure its not to hot, it should be warm to the touch not hot. This gives you long lasting curl. 

These are only a FRACTION of the products I use and love, I feel a multi-part series coming on, what do you think? Helpful? Do you want to see more? 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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