Dove #LoveYourCurls , Dove Quench Absolute Curly Hair products reviewIf you have followed my blog for a little while you may have noticed my rocky relationship with my curly hair. Sometimes I embrace it, sometimes I loathe it. What I have learned is that society has too much impact on how we feel about our hair. My curl story starts when I was a toddler where I had super straight hair and would cry when mom put my hair in curlers, as I grew up a little I started to like it when she made my hair curly and as I reached grade school I begged her for the of-the-moment spiral perm. I had one spiral perm which smelled terrible and my hair fell flat again several months later. As I reached middle school my hair started to get frizzy, wavy, and completely unmanageable given any humidity. Just in time for super straight hair to be the trend. As I reached high school I took to straightening my hair with a curling iron. I would completely fry it trying to get the curling iron to operate as a flat iron, before I knew what a flat iron was. 

Dove Quench Advanced Series review, best curly hair products

I was lucky to have a few friends and twin cousins with naturally curly hair and together we tested all kinds of different curly hair products to try to find the best ones to get volume and definition without the frizz. We often ended up with what we called "crunchy" curls. Oh the dreaded crunch! But we rocked it and fully embraced our hair and bonded together over the curly hair sisterhood we had formed. On occasion I would lash out against my curls and try to get them super straight. All along my mother and grandmothers would say how much they loved my curly hair and that I should embrace it. They would chime "there are lots of women with straight hair who wish they had curls like yours."  As a college student I finally discovered that I was lucky enough to be able to go straight with a flat iron or curly whenever I wanted. A great balance. As an adult I go with the weather to dictate what will work best for my locks. On humid or rainy days I know not to fight it, on dryer days I know I have options. 

Dove Quench Mask for curly hair review, #loveyourcurls

I have tried TONS of curly hair products and poured over every curly hair website over the years for the latest and greatest so when I was asked to review the Dove Advanced Series Quench Absolute line for curly hair I was more than excited to test it out. My first impression as I washed my hair with the Quench Absolute Shampoo and Conditioner was how luxurious they both felt. As I added the Dove Quench Absolute Intensive Restoration Mask, all I could think was how delicious it smelled! I really can't even explain it to you.

Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum, Best curly hair products

After rinsing out the mask my hair felt so soft and literally quenched. My tip is to rinse out your conditioner/mask with your head upside down. I like to get the lift started as soon as possible in the process. Then I squeezed out as much water as possible and applied the Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum with my head still upside down working it in from root to end. I gently soaked up the excess water with a soft microfiber hair towel like this one. I let my hair air dry for as long as possible with these curl clips in place to lift at the roots. I put them all over. When I need to or am ready to speed things up I use my diffuser attachment on my hair dryer with a low heat or cool setting to dry it. A high heat setting can give you more frizz so low to no heat is better. You can add in a bit more Creme Serum if you need to along the way.
  Dove Quench #loveyourcurls campaign, Dove Quench for curly hair review
{Lipgloss in "BAM!"

Lastly, I scrunched it all over and spritzed on my favorite hairspray. What I got were super soft, hydrated, bouncy curls. I would say the most hydrated curls I have ever had. A lot of curly hair products dry my hair out. The Dove Advanced Series Quench Absolute line is IDEAL for frizzy, coarse or unmanageable curls. I liked the definition that was also soft to the touch. Look for it at your local drugstore, Target, Walmart, and online! 

What I love even more is the #LOVEYOURCURLS campaign to help girls with curly hair embrace and love their locks. So many girls feel that curly hair is a negative thing and because they may get teased or look different than other girls they grow up feeling very uncool. It is so important that girls have the same support system that I had growing up so they can feel beautiful in their own skin. We set that example for other women and the next generation. 

Check out the Dove #LOVEYOURCURLS site to see a beautiful video that makes me all teary eyed, get curly hair inspiration, and enter the curl story contest and giveaway. Submit your curl story for a chance to win a Dove Quench Prize Pack (includes products and styling tools).  A total of 6 winners will be selected to win one of the prize packs valued at $200.  Your story could also help inspire the illustrated book of curly poems. 

*This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Your hair is beautiful- I love seeing women wear their natural curls!

    1. Thank you Rachel, you are so sweet.

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I absolutely love your curly hair. :-)

    1. Thank you Laura! How have you been?!


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