5 Tips for Styling A Bookshelf
The moment I have been waiting for since we moved in finally arrived with the installation of the built in by California Closets! See my take on the planning and installation process here. Now to the fun part, how to style the shelves! 

First of all, it is important to choose cabinet pulls that will set the tone for your room and shelf. Are you going for a traditional feel, modern, transitional, eclectic? I chose these polished brass ring pulls because I thought they were so unique and would add a fun stylish twist to the otherwise traditional cabinets. Centering them on the cabinet doors gives them a more decorative look while still being very functional. If you are looking for gorgeous unique knobs, bookmark these! It's amazing what a difference hardware makes.

how to style a bookshelf

No bookshelf is complete without some decorative pieces. You need to have some meaningful pieces mixed in with your books to add more personal style and interest whether that's a couple of framed photos, pieces from your travels, a decorative bowl, bookends or even plants. I used a couple of pieces from our trips to London and Bali along with a few items I found at Home Goods. God I love that place! 

Top 5 Bookshelf Styling Tips

Color blocking. Whether you decide to go this route for added impact or mix them all up, you have options. I chose color blocking for now since our space is so neutral and we needed some visual stimulation. I also love the look of turning a row of books backwards so that the pages are displayed instead of the binding like this.

California Closets Built in Before and After

Organizing by height, shortest to largest, while also keeping width in mind will make your shelf look cleaner and more put together. I used to work at the Ohio State University library when I was in college and the stacks of books were gorgeous when organized neatly, it makes such a big impact. If you want to see some serious library porn check out how they remodeled the OSU main library here. It's stunning!

Display your favorite items at eye level. The items you fell look the best or that you find most interesting should be here for all to see. Less impactful items can go at the top or bottom. I had a row of extra books that I didn't have room for in the other sections that I organized top right. 

The shelves in our California Closets built in are easily adjusted giving us lots of options for mixing things up. I look forward to regularly styling the shelves and seeing how things evolve over time. Also, the cabinets are amazing at keeping all of our equipment hidden. I added a cute black basket full of dvds along with extra remotes etc. and love how much space there is to store it all.

What do you think? Any other tips you can share?? 


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