Living Room Built In by California Closets: The Plan & Installation

living room niche solution

One of the first items on our to-do list when we bought our house was to do something with the niche in the living room. The original purpose of this was to stick a tv and tv stand in it, however, tv's have tripled in size over the last 5-10 years so this niche was completely wasted awkward space in our living room. Our tv wouldn't fit so we had two options, fill in the niche creating a flat wall or create a gorgeous bookshelf. It has always been a dream of mine to have a built-in bookshelf in my home so I looked into a couple different options. A custom built in by a contractor which was quoted at $2800 not including paint or hardware so we were looking at over $3k. The second quote I got was from California Closets. I had no idea that they did built-ins or entertainment centers but after meeting with my representative I was pretty excited about the plans.

california closets built in plans

Kathy came to my home on a Saturday morning, took measurements, and showed me my options. Not only was this unit going to be customized to fit my niche perfectly, but I would also save about a thousand dollars by going with California Closets. I decided to order my hardware from an outside company because I had a very specific look in mind. They have lots of color, texture, and hardware options though. Within 30 minutes we had a complete plan including 3-D rendering of our unit.

california closets installation

Fast forward a few weeks and the installers arrived to put it all together. I tried to keep out of the way but snuck a few pictures to show you all how it went down. 

california closets built in review

It took about 4 hours total and I was really happy with how meticulous they were along the way. I really appreciated the attention to detail. They cut all the holes I wanted into the cabinet so that all our wires could run through with ease. When I was hovering and had a question they happily filled me in on what they were doing and answered everything.

california closets living room built in installationcalifornia closets review

When they finished they cleaned everything up, vacuumed and wiped down the unit. They even took a photo of the finished product. I liked that they were proud of their work. They provided me with advice on my knob situation. People don't normally put ring pulls in the middle of their cabinet doors and my knobs came with way too long screws for that so the installers gave me advice on what size to get at the hardware store and they drilled the holes for me so all I had to do was screw them in. Normally, they do this all for you, but I needed the smaller screws. 

I would encourage you to look into California Closets for your built in projects and I would use them again. Two things: you can get the shelves without the holes if you are certain you will not want to adjust any shelves. I was not provided with this option but if I had been I think I might have still kept the holes so I have flexibility. Plus no-holes equal more $$. Also, make sure you ask tons of questions when going over the plans with your rep. As the built-in was being installed it looked slightly different than what I had imagined based on my blueprint. The shelves were set in a little further back than I expected, I had thought it would be more flush with the cabinet. Not a deal breaker but it took some readjusting on my part. 

I had a great experience using California Closets for my living room niche project! I can't wait to show you finished product. 

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions. Have you ever used California Closets? 


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