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Hey there! I have been quite busy as of late, between getting life back to normal after the holidays, trying to kill it at work and oh yeah, a huge new carpet project. When we bought our house this was one of the top projects on our list to take care of within the first year. The first step was to head over to Lowe's and start ordering some carpet samples. I took my good 'ole time on this and I have to say the Lowe's flooring specialists were so great. I talked to them almost weekly as I chose samples and visited the store on more than one occasion to meet with them. Since this is such a big project, I wanted to make sure I chose wisely getting the best quality and style for our budget.

lowe's carpet installation review and before and after
As you can guess from these "before" shots, the brown shag carpet the previous owners had installed was completely not our style and had seen better days. We really wanted to brighten things up in the house and after tackling a complete re-paint of the interior the carpet was really dragging down the the look of house. 

lowe's carpet installation review before and afterlowe's carpet installation review and before and after
lowe's carpet installation review and before and after, lowe's home remodeling
During what I will call the "sample review period" a specialist was sent over to measure our upstairs and go over where seams would be. Once we chose our carpet, things moved forward quickly. We met with a Lowe's flooring specialist to choose our padding and finalize our carpet selections, yes selections- we decided on a fun carpet for the master closet! We placed our order and it only took a couple of weeks *even over the holidays* for our carpet to arrive at the warehouse and the installation company to schedule our installation. 

lowe's carpet installation review before and after
lowe's carpet installation review before and after
During the installation we were at home all day and for almost 1,300 square feet of carpeting it took from 10:30-about 5:00 for them to finish. I was so antsy and snuck upstairs to take a peek a couple of times during the installation. "Excuse me gentlemen, may I take a look around?" haha. The installation went well. I will say, I had to go around and touch up the trim after all was said and done. There was quite a bit of tool banging to get the carpet nice and tight. So be prepared for touch ups after. The specialist warned me about likely needing to touch up when she came to measure so I wasn't surprised. 

lowe's carpet installation review and before and after, lowe's home remodeling
The day after the installation, Lowe's called to check on the installation and see how everything went. I mentioned that when I was vacuuming the stairs I noticed a small wrinkle in the carpet. That evening the installers came back to the house and fixed it and also inspected all of the other stairs. I really appreciated the follow up and quick response to fix the issue. 

I am so happy that I got the opportunity to partner with Lowe's for this project, they were so great to work with. One of the reasons Lowe's came to mind when we were planning the carpet renovation was because I know they are super into helping you create a beautiful home with the best quality for your budget. My mother remodeled houses when I was growing up and I spent many hours (days, years of my life) with her at the local Lowe's Home Improvement store, let's just say I really know my way around ;). 

Overall, I am really pleased with the whole process. The flexibility, guidance, and professionalism from the Lowe's team was just what I hoped for. I can't wait to show you the finished product on Monday so check back for a tour including the master closet carpet. I will also share the carpet and padding we chose with you!

*Thank you to Lowe's Home Improvement for sponsoring this project. All opinions are my own.


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