18 week pregnant bump, pregnancy style{anthropologie top -old, butter london union jack nail polish, mac creme de nude lipstick}

Hello There, just thought I would pop in for a minute to say hi and post a quick photo from 18 weeks (2 weeks ago). Do you like this super patriotic outfit?? Sorry. It is super busy around the King household with home projects, baby planning, and trying to keep up at work. I am trying my best to take photos every couple of weeks during my pregnancy because I know I will like to look back on all of this later.

At 18 weeks I was still able to wear a lot of my clothes (with minor modification). Presently, that is becoming hard so I need to do some shopping! We had a doctor appointment at 18 weeks that was pretty boring. I like boring! All looks good and I am enjoying getting into a nice workout routine and having more energy. The elliptical machine and my pregnancy yoga and Tracy Anderson pregnancy project dvds have been great with just enough exertion. 

At 18 weeks I was feeling little movements every now and then and it's so weird and cool. I first felt it at 16 weeks and it's got more frequent. I was still craving lemonade, citrus, and sour candy. Ordering this adorably chic baby book and we have now started gathering information from friends/family regarding what we will need for baby. It's all starting to feel really real. Like, I can't believe this is going to happen!! 

I am excited for the long weekend and we plan to do some furniture shopping, spend a day at the beach, and of course BBQ and eat delicious food. I love Emily's patriotic brownie dessert idea and plan to make it this weekend. 

I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend! 

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