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the spoiled mama pregnancy skincare line giveaway
the spoiled mama pregnancy stretch mark prevention line
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pregnancy stretch mark treatment giveawaySkincare has always been super important to me and it is definitely a priority now that I am pregnant. Stretchmarks run in my family so I have always been concerned about getting them during pregnancy and am working at avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy. While I know a lot has to do with genetics, there may also be ways that I can help reduce the stretchies or prevent some of them so I am doing my best to do whatever I can. In addition to eating MOSTLY healthy foods, drinking tons of water, and regular excercise like walking, eliptical, yoga, and the Tracy Anderson pregnancy dvds, I also hooked up with the Spoiled Mama company after reading lots of great reviews about their pregnancy skincare line. 

I have been using the line since part way through my first trimester and so far my skin feels so healthy and no stretchies *yet*, although I can guarantee they are on their way since I already have them from adolescence. In the first trimester I started with Peppermint & Vanilla Body Polish exfoliation and used the Bump Gloss which is a pregnancy stretch mark oil that smells and feels amazing  followed by the Tummy Butter for stretch marks 1x per day. Once I hit the second trimester, I upped my regimen to using the Luxe Mama Body Wash, which is a non-toxic pregnancy safe body wash, daily and the Bump Gloss & Tummy Butter 2x per day. I also started using the Happy Legs soothing gel on my feet and ankles recently since my feet are really starting to hurt and feel tired and swollen by the end of the day. What is it with feet and pregnancy? I didn't expect this so soon. I just purchased a larger size sneaker because my old ones are so tight and my feet were falling asleep when I was working out. NUTS I tell you. 

I am loving this entire line, although I don't love using the Body Polish because it makes the bottom of my shower slippery with the coconut oil in it haha. Just keeping it real. So far, I highly recommend this line having made it 21 weeks into my pregnancy with smooth, hydrated skin. I am like that it is free from toxic chemicals so baby King and I are safe. Also, even if I do end up getting some stretchies in the future I will still continue to use this line as it will help fade any marks I do get. 

the spoiled mama pregnancy skincare line toxin free

If you are pregnant or know someone who is, now is your chance to get $30 to the Spoiled Mama where you can also get your hands on these goodies. This contest is open until 7/14/16.

I would love to hear how you take care of your skin during pregnancy!

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  1. These skincare products are awesome. I've been using all of these products and it significantly reducing stretchmarks of my belly.

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