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K&K loves working with companies to showcase great products to readers. If you feel your company is a good fit, please email to request options and pricing.

K&would love to partner with like-minded brands that bring unique and exciting content to readers. All sponsored posts will be written in my own words and represent my unique opinions. Anytime compensation is received for a collaboration it will be disclosed within the editorial. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please email me.

K&does accept gifted merchandise. If I feel the merchandise will resonate with readers and is a true extension of the taste and style I represent, the item will be selected for styling/feature on the blog. All gifted items are disclosed in each post using “c/o” stating that it is a “courtesy of” item.  I do not claim to share the views or expressions of those companies I receive items from.

Giveaways are so much fun and K&K is pleased to treat readers with sponsored giveaways and will review each sponsored-product offering on a case by case basis.


K&is a part of affiliate advertising programs. This means that if you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site or any related social media platforms (including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest), I may make a small commission from that click and/or purchase. All opinions are my own.

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